Site No.14: The Village of Glenn


In the early 1860’s Glenn, like many small towns in Allegan County, was growing. Sawmills were springing up everywhere as the settlers cleared the land.  Almost everyone who lived on a creek had a sawmill!  This created a need for a convenient way to get the huge piles of lumber to a market.  With Lake Michigan being so close, shipping the lumber by boat was the perfect solution.  Charles Hamlin built the first pier here in 1860.  It was the first of many piers to be constructed over the next sixty years.

Glenn Pier

As the timber supply ran out, other businesses would replace it such as shipping agriculture produce, especially peaches, as the area around Glenn was excellent for growing peaches.

Like most small towns, prosperity would ebb and flow.  Today a nice quiet town, there are many more stories about this once very important shipping port, and several books have been written about it that are still available locally.  Take some time to walk around and explore Glenn.  One of the historic structures there is the last one-room schoolhouse remaining in operation of the original 183 in the county.


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